What makes our service special?

Here at OUTWRK we just don't focus on the "food" aspect of your diet; we take a holistic approach to helping you achieve that dietary intake which is perfect for you.


Food affects our life as much as our life affects the food we eat.


To address one without the other would be a disservice to addressing your issues.

We also believe that "true change" starts between the ears; we aim to change how you think, increase your level of knowledge and provide a practical, sustainable and goal-orientated approach which is aimed at improving your health and body composition short and long term.

Your success matters, and it matters to us. Why do we call ourselves OUTWRK? Because no one works as hard for their clients as we do (we couldn't go with OUTCARE because it wasn't quite as snappy).

What you've said about our service

What our clients have said about each of our services

"... easy and enjoyable. Friendly and confidential. The results came quicker than I expected. Comparing to any diet change I attempted myself, I could not believe how much of a change I noticed in a short period of time."



"...the physical and mental changes I’ve seen in myself. I now have the ability to listen to my body and know what I need when – whether it be recovery, more food, or even chocolate (always everyday!)"



"...the support I have had during this year. It’s not just about the nutrition but overall well-being. I respect that aspect a lot because no one is a machine. Jamie is always there to support and listen,helping you to see the bright side of things. I think every athlete needs someone like Jamie in their team!"





One to One Nutrition Coaching Service

The One to One Coaching Service (our fundamental coaching offering) is perfect for those who may not have worked with a nutritionist before and are not aiming to compete at a high level of athletic performance.

Our "Competitor" Coaching Service

The "Competitor" Coaching Service is perfect for those who may, or may not, have worked with a nutritionist before and are aiming to improve their athletic performance significantly and or compete at an improved level of sporting performance.

Our "Elite" Coaching Service Package

The "Elite" Coaching Service is a step up from our "Competitor" package, offering competition/event day 24 hour support as well as tailored strategies for acute weight loss / "cuts" prior to an event requiring you to achieve a certain weight requirement.