Who We Are & Who We've Worked With

Edinburgh's leading nutritionist services company

Providing research & experience based nutritional coaching for everyone ranging from internationally competing athletes to individuals simply looking to solve their dietary related issues

Our qualification and experience include;

  • MSc in Nutrition with a specialization in Obesity and Weight Management
  • Published research which has been presented at international conferences in the UK and Australia
  • BSc in Sports and Exercise Science (with a research project focus on nutrient metabolism during performance)
  • 8 + years of one to one coaching experience
  • Wealth of experience working with all levels of athletes; from national to international and even Olympic level competitors
  • Authored multiple books on subjects surrounding female nutrition


      Who have we worked with?

      We've helped individuals virtually across the entire spectrum of health, performance and nutrition needs

      • We've prepped athletes for national level and international competitions (including athletes whose sport has certain weight requirements)
      • We've also worked with athletes across a range of sports, including; weightlifting, powerlifting, marathon running, track & field, cycling, gaelic, rugby, football, hockey and those within the performing arts sector
      • We've helped individuals work through and improve disordered eating / eating disorder patterns which they have been suffering with for years
      • We've helped individuals suffering with IBS and other digestive issues; educating them on which foods they should minimize their exposure to, swaps which can be made and improving overall quality of life as well as performance in our athlete clients
      • We've helped women with PCOS and other menstrual dysfunction issues (for example, several athletes who have lost their menstrual cycle and or it's regularity due to excessive dietary restriction for bodybuilding / physique showcases)
      • We work with individuals to improve their knowledge of nutrition and how the body actually works; providing clarity in a sector plagued by misconceptions, misguided information and sales tactics
      • We teach people how to co-exist within the current food environment rather than fight against it with severely restrictive practices (ultimately resulting in disordered eating practices)