Who we are;

- A start up health and fitness company who focus on body recomposition, weight loss and improving athletic performance through research/exerpience based nutrition and exercise coaching.

What we represent;

- Clarity/Honesty/Experience - scientific literature based reviews with an influx of experience to provide comprehensive information and recommendations that can be practically implemented to improve health, physique and or performance.

Our ambitions;

To establish our own brand and performance center covering all aspects of health, fitness and performance. To undergo and achieve a PhD. To provide clarity among an ever increasing expanse of available and conflicting information. To do what we love and make others lives better; helping you to make yourselves proud, your family proud, your friends proud and anyone who's ever doubted you, to help you make them eat their words.


"I can honestly say without hesitation that Jamie is fantastic at what he does and that his knowledge on nutrition and fitness has been very valuable to me from personal experience. I can't rate him highly enough and I will be recommending Jamie to any clients in the future."

Fiona Scott

"Jamie is a not only a top guy but an excellent and informed nutritional coach who knows his stuff back to back and inside out. What is great is that he doesn’t try and make life difficult for you by cutting out food groups but rather understands the complexities of each woman’s monthly habits and adjusts your macros accordingly. Really approachable guy and definitely deserves all the credit he gets! 10/10!"

Amy Kerr

"Jamie is spot on with his nutrition, but what's even better is his attitude: he's supportive, offering achievable yet ambitious goals, and always tries his hardest to make sure you understand what you're doing. Trusting a new process is tough, but Jamie's been through it all himself, and he really knows what he's doing. Top bloke."

Ross Roi

"Jamie’s passion in health, fitness and nutrition is evident in the products he produces. Having followed his previous online content, enjoyed his book, specifically those at female fitness, and listened to his latest podcasts I am always looking forward to learning so I can improve myself and others. Jamie is a very approachable guy who will always be keen to help you!"

Ellie Anderson

"Jamie first made me a programme around 2012 to do in my living room. I had very limited kit and knowledge. This helped me start getting in to the gym and I haven't stopped since. I trust what Jamie preaches as he reads the science behind, unlike a lot of the "professionals" nowadays."

Emma Weir



"Jamie is an expert in his field - the information that he shares is honest, detailed and reliable. Not only does he try his absolute best to assist you with whatever needs you may have (health, nutrition, weight loss, etc) he educates you for life rather than just finding a fast solution like many other 'health experts' within the industry. This means that sticking to your goals is achievable in the long run. Jamie is one of a kind- his passion for helping others is clear as I have personally felt comfortable to message him and ask him questions at any time, no matter how silly they may sound. His support has helped me get closer to achieve my goals and I appreciate it so much!"

Aimee Friel

"Extremely refreshing to finally find someone who knows what they are talking about. Jamie not only knows the processes involved in dietary requirements and fitness etc but fully understands them and has a bespoke programme for each of his clients needs. I am currently signed up for his first 6 week plan and one week down and can see a difference physically and on the dreaded scales - highly advise anyone reading this to get involved and not only see, but feel the difference ! You'll not find anyone else with more commitment and knowledge!"

Gareth Childs

"Jamie’s knowledge in the field of nutrition and exercise really is outstanding. It’s very refreshing to come across someone whose content is research-based and as a competitive bodybuilder I can rest assured that any advice or guidance I receive from Jamie will be grounded and scientifically valid, not just the latest fad whatever that may be. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their body composition, training or overall quality of life."

James Poulter

"Jamie has a fantastic understanding of everything nutrition. Being educated in the strength and conditioning field of training myself, it was important I found someone who is equally focused on using science to back up his interventions/plans.

With Jamie I found a lovely guy who is able to provide a bespoke plan (and understanding of the plan) to fit around every aspect of my ever changing life.

A quick chat is all it takes to realise he is one of the genuine professionals in the fitness industry who can help you achieve your goals."

Kevin McGarry

"Jamie’s knowledge on fitness and nutrition is unbelievable! With so much conflicting information available on the internet about fitness and nutrition it’s hard to know what to believe, Jamie was able to explain in great detail and answer questions on it that I could not source the answer to myself. Very knowledgable and trusting! I would highly recommend!"

Nicole Christie